Let’s see. I was busy. I:

  • Added 128 words to chapter six. After looking it over for two days and not finding my way in, I had an idea on day three and, voila, 128 words found a new home.

  • Read a second book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Play. I enjoyed it enough to keep reading until 1 a.m., despite a 6 a.m. wake-up call the next day. So that should tell you something. I need to send her an e-mail thanking her for making her heroine a plus-sized woman and her hero someone who’s looking for a woman with curves, not one with hunger pangs.

    This book really made me feel good about myself. I’m not a size 18 like Bride McTierney, but I’m not an average 12 either. I’m above average. LOL.

  • Went to the dentist after a two-year break. No cavities. Whoohoo.

  • Solved my first two sudoku puzzles. Got addicted. Excellent brain stimulant (see first bullet).

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