The waiting begins

I went to OfficeMax and had THE PROTECTOR printed out and for some odd reason it was about twenty pages shorter on their computer than it is on mine.

The font is the same. The formatting remained. Even page set up didn’t changed, and yet somehow it was twenty pages shorter.

I mailed it off.

Now I sit there with the delivery confirmation number and the aching need to check the USPS website to see if it my package has been delivered yet. Of course, it hasn’t, but that probably won’t keep me from checking several times a day until it has been delivered (which should be right around the end of the week).

It feels weird to not have to do anything right now.

After dropping of my eldest at school, I floundered around the house with nothing to do. I settled in my reading chair and started reading yet another Sherrilyn Kenyon, Night Embrace, until my youngest came in the room.

“Mommy, you need to be on the computer,” he said.

I tried to tell him that I didn’t need to be on the computer, because I was finished. He wouldn’t hear of it. Smart little guy.

I might be finished, but I’m really not.

There is THE GHOST CRAB to finish. Remember THE GHOST CRAB? It’s the follow-up novel that I started in the beginning of the year. Time to work on it again, I guess.

If THE PROTECTOR meets with approval, I am sure there will be editing and revisions to be made.

So “I’m finished” isn’t really more than a very temporary state of affairs. It’s a great one-hour long feeling of immense pride, relief and utter terror.

Come to think of it, I should start taking my Zantac again. I’ll have a nervous stomach until the word is in on THE PROTECTOR. Too bad I don’t have any nails to chew on …

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