I just had my hair done, and I look fabulous. I’ll hurry on over to the photographer’s studio after this to get passport pictures taken. Not only will I look fabulous on that most important of documents, my green card, which I need to renew, but when it’s time – years from now – to shoot publicity photos, I will whip out this tiny passport photo to show my hairdresser and say, “make me look fabulous like this.”

But that’s so not what I wanted to rant about. It’s Friday, and I don’t like Fridays much. For the same reason the majority of regular people like Fridays, they ring in the weekend. It’s around 1pm now, which makes it around 6pm on the East coast. I think it’s safe to say agent offices are closing down now for the weekend, and I won’t be receiving any e-mails. And that just means another week has passed without replies to my queries.

There is still hope, though. Not all the agents I contacted are located in NYC. In fact, the one I am most anxious to hear from isn’t anywhere near the East Coast. And what time is it in Canada? Just kidding …

But I can’t write about this without mentioning that I have indeed received e-mails from agents and one publisher on weekends. The very first agent who requested a partial contacted me on a Sunday. I was duly impressed. The one e-mail from a publisher, Lida Quillen, Twilight Times Books, also arrived on a Sunday. Again, I was duly impressed. She wasn’t interested in THE PROTECTOR, but she let me down gently with a request to see more material when it became available. She might have said No, but she put a smile on my face on that particular Sunday.

So no, I don’t enjoy Fridays, because they mark the end of yet another week. But, hey, as far as I am concerned, Saturday is the start of a new week 🙂

Have a grand weekend, everyone.

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