Soren’s character profile

I thought it might be fun to share Soren’s character chart. And some of the trivia contained in it:

Name: Soren Michael Buchanan
Reason or meaning of name: Swedish name: reddish-brown hair
Age: 22-23 (The Protector); 23 (The Ghost Crab) Birth date: October 23
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birth Place: Hagatna, Guam
Height: 5’10 ½” (179cm)
Weight: 160-165lbs (73-75kg)
Eye Color: green as jade
Hair color: burnished copper (red)
Grooming: clean, but messy, tousled hair, longish, no regular cuts, does not shave regularly
Shampoo: peppermint 2-in-1
Type of body/build: rangy, lean, sleek, muscled and fit
Skin: creamy white complexion, a dusting of freckles over his nose, his cheekbones and forehead, eyelids, his shoulders and upper chest, hands, the inside of his arms and thighs, the backs of his knees, his feet and the sole of one foot (left)
Distinguishing Marks/Scars: scar: right ankle (skateboarding accident)
Facial features: Nordic features, narrow face, long nose, prominent cheekbones, strong jaw, mouth too wide, but very kissable
Physical Features: nipples, small and pale; cock lean and sleek
Work attire: jeans and uniform T-shirt (green, Tradewinds logo emblazoned)
After-hours clothing: shorts and T-shirts
Shoe: 10
Posture: usually relaxed, slouchy
Mannerism: moods change and body language with it
Gestures: likes to mimic Mason’s facial gestures
Religion: Catholic

Degree of religious practice: none
Current occupation: Bartender
Past jobs: part-time work in father’s accounting firm
Professional degrees/certificates: Cabinet and Furniture Making (traditional, two year, hands-on program) North Bennet Street School, Boston
High School: Father Duenas Memorial School, Mangilao (Guam’s only all-boys college prep school)

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