Signed up for Gotham Writer’s Workshop

A friend sent me an e-mail today with 10 websites every military spouse should know. Since I’m a good military spouse and always curious, I went to check out these links and came across the Barnes & Noble University.

I clicked on the free enrichment classes and found a novel writing class with Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

I’ve been ogling their workshops for a long time. Right now they’re offering a class on how to get published, taught by lit agent Dan Lazar (who rejected THE PROTECTOR). Sweet. I’ve also had my eye on the advanced novel writing class, which is too expensive for me, especially since the novel 101 class is a pre-requisite.

Since my funds are very limited, I wasn’t going to save my pennies to sign up for novel 101. I’m past the basics. I’ve got two finished novels under my belt and two decades of writing experience; I think it’s fair to say I have figured out the basic idea.

But novel 101 is offered free of charge through B&N University.

I signed up.

Class begins on Monday.

If nothing else, it’s a good networking opportunity. And I get that pre-requisite out of the way.

Oh, and when I went to check on classes in progress already, I saw a mystery writing class with Writers Digest that’s just finishing up. It appears all classes are four weeks long and new classes are offered every month. Isn’t that neat? I sure hope they will repeat the mystery class some time in the future, because I’d like to take that, too.

And the Feng Shui one. Definitely the Getting Organized one and Simplify Your Life. Geography and Grammar sound good, too. And why not Wines?


I’m guessing I’ll be taking a new class each month.

Thank you, Jennifer, for forwarding that e-mail with the links.

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