Review: SECRET OF THE WOLF by Cynthia Garner

I have to admit I didn’t read Cynthia Garner’s first book in this new paranormal series, but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment of her second book in the series, SECRET OF THE WOLF. In fact, enjoyment is a woeful understatement. I loved this book. Garner (a pen name for Sherrill Quinn) has earned a definite spot on my to-read and pre-order lists. 
In SECRET OF THE WOLF, events set in motion in book one have consequences for sexy werewolf Tori and human detective Dante. Their professional relationship, which already includes a healthy dose of attraction, grows as the two work to solve the puzzle left to them by the vampire and half-demon in book one.
While they do their best not to be obvious, neither Tori nor Dante hide their attraction to each other. Dante, ever the gentleman, struggles with his need to commit fully. Thinking he’s too busy to enter into a relationship, he’s honest with Tori about his reluctance to date her. Tori, thoroughly modern in her approach to men, sees nothing wrong with a bit of fun on the side, but she can’t hide her longing for a deeper connection for long.
You have to give Dante credit for knowing full well that Tori is much better equipped to protect herself than he ever could, yet he still walks her to her car to see her safe. His very healthy male ego isn’t the least bit put off by the fact that he’s the prey and she’s the predator. I enjoyed this relationship dynamic immensely; it’s not often the guy relinquishes the top spot as gentlemanly as Dante. 
Their romantic relationship sizzles as paranormal violence threatens to tear them apart. The identity of the bad guy isn’t much of a mystery for long. It’s Tori’s understandable reluctance to confirm what her instincts tell her that drive the conflict here.
Even though Tori and Dante solve the puzzle left to them in SECRET OF THE WOLF, what they uncover only sparks further questions. Garner’s next offering in this series will see demon Finn and fairy princess Keira try to get one step ahead of the bad guys out to dominate mankind (and I’m pre-ordering).

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