Here it is, the first baby update.

I wasn’t thinking baby. No one in the family was thinking baby. We’d discussed getting a puppy and decided to wait until the next duty station (summer 2011). That’s as close as we got to the idea of brining new life into the family.

In the beginning of the year I spent countless hours finding the perfect deal on tickets to Germany. I was even getting super excited about going home. I haven’t been back since 2005. Kaelan started warming up to the idea when she mentioned having an interest in Paris and I told her that we could certainly swing a visit. Paris is only about 3-4 hours away from where my parents now live.

Then Pat deployed to Iraq. The next day I bought myself a little desk that I wedged in the corner in the bedroom, because, you know, I have a book that needs to be finished and having my own little desk and private area seemed like a good idea.

All the while I was sick as a dog. Constant nausea. Ick. I couldn’t smell food without getting sick. I was getting really sick of being sick. This had been going on since November. I started to google things like “ulcers.” For the most part though I thought it was just anxiety and/or depression over Pat leaving.

Then, one night in a moment of clarity, it occurred to me that there was more going on than nausea. Oddly enough the symptom that tipped me off was my sleep medication not working quite right anymore. I thought it was weird that there were so many duds in one batch. Either that or I was suddenly metabolizing the stuff differently.

Last Thursday I broke down and bought a home pregnancy test. At that point I was secretly convinced that I was pregnant, but still very skeptical, because I have an IUD, an intrauterine device meant to keep me barren. I peed on the stick and it said positive almost immediately.

Holy cow.

I was SHOCKED. Totally surprised.

I called some friends – all of them super-supportive. I took a photo of the pregnancy test with the little stick and e-mailed it to Pat in Iraq, asking him to call me (he called me the next morning and he seemed far more excited than I was initially; good man). I told the kids who had mixed reactions. Nolan thought it was cool (and he’s really super excited about his mom having a baby.) He asked for a brother, so they could play LEGO Star Wars on the Wii and the little guy would be Darth Vader. I didn’t have to heart to tell him that his new sibling will be more likely to drool all over his LEGOs at first than actually play with them or the Wii.

Kaelan had more realistic concerns. Who would watch the baby while I was at work? She didn’t like the idea that I was going to stop working. Many years ago she was dead set against me returning to work, because it was my job to be her mom and be at home waiting for her. Now she’s not happy about me giving up my job at her elementary school, because she wouldn’t see me on and off during her school hours.

She warmed up to the thought of a sibling when I explained that she would no longer be the only person in our family with a birthday in the second half of the year. She’d now have company. The baby’s due date is August 22.

Well, it’s been two days now. I’ve since seen the little guy on the ultrasound monitor. Cute, very cute. I was very surprised about how big the little guy is already (about an inch and a half; I’m at 11-12 weeks). But the news isn’t all great. The IUD has to be removed. The removal carries a decent risk of miscarriage, but the risk increases the longer the IUD stays in. Some women deliver a healthy baby and the IUD at the same time, but removal is strongly suggested. I don’t know more than that yet.

So all in all, a total shock and super surprise. This baby certainly wasn’t planned or wanted, but we love it already.

Next episode: how to write a book before your due date, plan for baby and not pay a fortune on re-booking fees for your flights to Germany.

Also: “Ivy” or “Harlan”?

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