NL Gassert

I’m going to need a pen name.

I think I have decided on NL Gassert.

I briefly played with the idea of using NL Gassert-Depape, but it’s simply too long and doesn’t work with the fast-paced romantic suspense genre thing I will have going on (I hope).

NL Gassert will be easy to find on a book shelf. And not as hard to pronounce as Depape.

Now I just need to incorporate the new name into my online life. I already got the appropriate e-mail address (NLGassert [at] That was an easy step. But the website needs an overhaul as well. I checked on the domain: still available. Whew.

Following a suggestion by dear friend Ella, I was going to turn THE BUCHANAN-WARD SERIES into THE PROTECTOR SERIES, but with the publisher’s focus on romance, not suspense, I think I had the right idea originally. Now I am waiting for publisher Ken’s reply to my e-mail bringing up the possibility of a series.

If he’s okay with the idea of a series, whoohoo. If he’d rather not go the series way, I have other material for him (anyone of you old, old friends remember SULLIVAN?!). It’s not like there is only one book and only one set of characters in me.

Ideally, I’d like to continue work on THE GHOST CRAB, which I was supposed to do tonight, but will probably not get to. (I could use some sleep.) I’ve been putting off chapter two’s overhaul for days now. I want to get it done, so I can move on.

So, NL Gassert it will be.

Anyone care to guess what the L, middle initial, stands for?

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