Nearing the end … eventually

Current word count: 60,950.

Thirty-one chapters done. Twenty-one chapters to go.

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I won’t keep my self-imposed deadline (end of the week). And that’s okay. This is after all about quality, not speed.

Thus, still not adding adverbs. I come across a few now and then, but I am quite proud to report that THE PROTECTOR isn’t riddled with them. There was a time when I took great pains to find the perfect adverb. Now I just hunt down an even better verb.

Passage I really enjoyed today:

… he met Timoteo’s dark eyes with an unflinching look of his own. The sentiment was clear. Fuck off. Too late he remembered to go for meek and submissive. Shit.

That is so Soren. I love it.

Still sane. Stress level: elevated, but stable.

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