Moving on

In other news … I might be writing parts of THE PROTECTOR sequel in a bathroom again. It looks like we won’t be staying in Hawaii past this summer. In fact, it looks like we could be making a trans-Pacific + trans-Atlantic move (that is, move to Europe).

As I always say, I’ll know when and where we’re going once I move into my new house. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is certain. Well, change is certain in this case 🙂

My parents, grandparents and the rest of my relatives would be ecstatic if we moved to Germany (where I was born and raised).

I wouldn’t mind moving to Colorado.

My husband doesn’t want to go to NC. Or NY or TX.

The kids don’t care as long as they get a dog/cat/horse/bunny rabbit or guinea pig when they get there.

I wonder if the Army knows we’re supposed to leave this summer …

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