Kensington here I come

I had a great talk with my friend LaConnie yesterday. We’re at similar stages in our writing career, which is to say we’re both unpublished at the moment. But LaConnie has worked with a professional editor and has her work under review by the publisher of her choice. Best of luck to you, friend.

So she called me with the express purpose of passing on some of her writing wisdom. I’m all about feedback, let me tell you. So I didn’t mind the least bit. What she said made total sense. It was one of those “duh” moments. After she opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t spotted myself what she pointed out to me.

I took her advice and tore chapter one of THE PROTECTOR apart to reassemble it with more punch, paying careful attention to POV switches (no first person POV for me).

I am also working on that word count.

Current standing: 58,998 increased to 59,046. Whoohoo, 65,000 here I come.

I think I’ll also take LaConnie’s advice about agents. I really only wanted an agent so I can submit to my publisher of choice, Kensington, and John Scognamiglio, the editor (agented material ONLY!).

Following LaConnie’s lead, I’ll just might send in my stuff without an agent. If they send it back unopened, I’ll just keep searching for an agent. If they open it and read it, they’ll either like it or dislike it. I don’t think they’d like it or dislike it any better if an agent sent it in.

We’ll see.

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