It’s official

It’s official. We’ve been extended an additional year in Hawaii. Aloha!

Before you rejoice on our behalf, let me tell you that the promotion lists come out in September. If Patrick is selected to become a Sergeant Major, he will have to attend the Sergeant Majors Academy in Texas. Since this course/class takes about 9 to 10 months (not sure exactly, sorry), the Army considers it necessary to move the entire family. So we’d all be moving to the Lone Star state (and then a few months later to our new permanent duty station).

In other words: despite our extension until August 2008, we could be out of here much earlier than that.

Things I want to do before we leave:

  1. buy kayak and/or surfboard and learn how to properly use it
  2. take diving classes with the husband (there’s nothing like the fear of drowning to bond over)
  3. see Manoa Falls and swim under it
  4. visit Maui (for only $9!; I love this airline price war)
  5. visit Kaui again
  6. go horseback riding on the beach
  7. finish book 2
  8. make new friends, since all of the old ones moved on this week (the downside of being an Army-family with Army-family friends)
  9. take chance of the beautiful weather and join an al fresco yoga class or a swim club
  10. save money to buy an original, made-in Hawaii Hawaiian quilt

Bonus: celebrate 14 years of marriage with a date at Sam Choy’s restaurant

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