Is there any gay urban fantasy out there?

In an effort to not to any work on THE PROTECTOR, I headed over to to check out urban fantasy (they list it under contemporary fantasy).

I read one by Angela Knight a little while ago and I really enjoyed it. That was before I knew what urban fantasy was and that there were plenty of books like Angela’s to peruse and chose from.

Urban fantasy takes places in the modern world, in cities and towns and populated places where regular people live side-by-side with werewolves or vampires or changelings. It’s modern romance or suspense or mystery coupled with a fantasy element.

Okay, so I headed on over to amazon and started browsing. Clicked past the first-person POVs and found a few books that sounded like a good read. But I simply couldn’t get all that excited about these books. A lot of them seemed to have a strong erotic element, but I am just not that interested in the heroine and her wereleopard guy having sex. Sorry.

I have to be in the right mood to read het sex. Being as immersed in THE PROTECTOR as I am right now, I am so NOT in the mood to read anything het. I want the hot vampire boy to hook up with his hot wereleopard neighbor, not the girl down the street.


Is there any gay urban fantasy out there?

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