I’m interested in men; what’s weird about that?

Determined to find something to read, I dragged the kids to the local Borders yesterday. They immediately found what they liked, while I searched for urban fantasy.

The problem was that the romance section was not divided into categories. Historicals mingled with suspense mingled with the paranormal mingled with humor mingled with fantasy.

Unless you know what author you’re looking for … good luck finding what you want.

I went straight to Angela Knight, but the only book on the shelf was the book I bought already. But Sherrilyn Kenyon caught my eye. Plenty of books to select from. I chose a Dank-Hunter novel, Unleash The Night.

I spent all night devouring it. I loved it.

BTW, I did what I always do when browsing for books. I read the backcover description and if the man’s story sounds interesting, I open the book to a random page and read a bit. (I put several first person POVs back on the shelf, before I found Kenyon’s book.) I never read the first page. Something in the middle has to catch my eye.

What is important to note here is that the man’s story sells the book to me. I have always been way more interested in the hero than the heroine, which is why I don’t read a lot of romance. It’s how I found my way into gay fiction – reading it and writing it.

Some people think it’s weird that I am interested in gay fiction. To me, it was a natural progression. I am a heterosexual woman interested in men. So I read about men and write about men. What’s weird about that?

I think I am bored with heroines, because I am a woman myself. I want new experiences not rehash what I’ve already done/felt. Yeah, okay, I’ve never been on the run from evil guys out to hurt me, but I found a great guy to love, gave him babies and explored the world with him. I don’t need a book to experience life as a woman in love.

  • If you know a book that centers on the man’s point of view, please, by all means, recommend it to me. (Nora Roberts hit paydirt with her Quinn Brothers. Now there are four books dealing with romance from the men’s perspective.)

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