I’m a Seven

We’re probably not thinking the same thing right now 🙂

I’m taking this enneagram workshop that deals with different personality types and specifically their flaws (it’s all about the conflict, baby). One of the first things we did, of course, was determine what type we are.

Turns out I am a Seven sharing the spotlight with a Five and an Eight (I took the quiz).

I can’t argue with the Seven. I left home when I was sixteen. I chose a career that all but guaranteed I had the opportunity to move all over the world, I emigrated to the US, changed careers and became the first person in my family to go to college (in a foreign country) and I’ve now lived on three continents. Yep, I’m a Seven, all right 🙂

I won’t argue with the Five or Eight either. LOL.

Since you’re confused by now, here the nine types:

Type One is the Perfectionist: these are the people who have very high standards for themselves and for the world. There’s never any question about what’s right and what’s wrong—no gray areas—and there’s never any question that they’ll constantly try to DO and LIVE FOR what’s right. Their motto is “I work toward perfection in an imperfect world,” and their greatest desires are to avoid criticism and to be right.

Type Two is the Nurturer, the Helper, the Giver: who loves taking care of other people and feeling needed. They’ll go out of their way to nurture everyone around them, always focusing on what OTHERS need more than on what THEY need. In fact, they’ll frequently neglect their own needs and wind up feeling kind of hurt that “with all I do for everyone else, what thanks do I get?”

Type Three is the Achiever, the Succeeder, the Performer: these people are very aware of the right image. They’re always onstage, projecting whatever the situation requires…you need somebody to fill a particular role, a Three will do it. Success, career, achievement are important to them…no matter what’s going on around them, they’re gonna look really, REALLY good.

Type Four is the Romantic, the Artist, the Individualist: these are people who love drama and tragedy and falling in love. They have BIG feelings, and they don’t like feeling ordinary because that’s too flat. Nothing is ever quite grand enough, long enough…they dream about the perfect love, and they’re the best at offering wholehearted sympathy when you’re feeling low.

Type Five is the Observer, the Thinker: they’d rather be behind a book than out there involved in the world. They like to keep back, keep to themselves, study like crazy (but always from a distance). They tend to “compartmentalize” their lives: work here, family there, one friend here, another over there…. They’re proud of getting by with very little, and they’re careful about guarding their time and their privacy and their personal space.

Type Six is the Defender, the Trooper: these are the people who get the job done. They’re very aware of any possible threat to their well-being or the people they love; they’re very aware of the rules and determined to always keep them…or to always break them. (That’s the counter-phobic Six, the James Dean rebel type.) Either way, Sixes are very loyal, always on the lookout for danger, good to have on your side.

Type Seven is the Adventurer, the Enthusiast: they want to keep having new experiences, try whatever there is. They’re interested in everything and everybody, at least at first glance…and they love to plan things, plan trips, plan new activities — whether or not they actually carry out those plans. They like to keep all their options open rather than settle for just one of anything.

Type Eight is the Controller, the Aggressor, the Chief: this person is a self-confident, natural leader. They’re used to taking charge, getting things done, making sure everyone gets a fair shake. They go after what they want, always keeping an eye out for the people they care about; they’re strong individuals who take it upon themselves to defend the weak…kind of a Wild West sheriff mentality.

Type Nine is the Peacemaker, the Mediator: they want everyone to get along and everything to be nice. They don’t like conflict; they don’t like having to pick sides…even picking chocolate or vanilla. They tend to go along with the flow, whatever that might be; and instead of exploring their own preferences, they like to just kick back with TV or food or whatever’s comfortable.

What are you? (Drop me a line if you’d like to see the quiz that goes with the nine types.)

I’m still trying to figure out what my characters are. Mason’s an Eight. James is a Three. But I have trouble pegging Soren. I think he’s a Seven. But he’s a Scorpio, too, and all that passion and drama would almost point to a Two.

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