Hawaii: what I will and will not miss

What I will miss:

  • the beach and
  • being able to go snorkeling or swimming at the drop of a dime
  • not having to worry about what the weather will be like; it’s the same every day (more or less) or
  • the warm weather, period
  • being able to send the kids outside to play any time of the year; it’s never too cold, but occasionally it’s too wet
  • not having to wear shoes or socks or, god forbid, pantyhose
  • watching the sun set over the ocean right from our back porch
    open-air movies
  • waking up to the sound of birds in the tree outside our bedroom and
  • going to sleep to the scent of plumeria from the tree outside our bedroom

What I will not miss:

  • beach sand in the bed or anywhere else in the house
  • no one being on time and everything starting late
  • ants, centipedes and cockroaches the size of minivans
  • sunburn
  • traffic and Hawaiian drivers; I had to take the HI road test to get my driver’s license (don’t ask! long story) and I’m not surprised the people here don’t know how to drive
  • kids and adults riding in truck beds, sometimes sitting in lawn furniture while doing so, barreling down the highway at 65 mph!
  • Hawaiian pidgin English; Fo real you know. I no keed you.
  • having to pay extra shipping on anything coming from the mainland
  • no Target, no Applebee’s, no Olive Garden, no good Chinese or Italian restaurants, period
  • having to fly an airplane to leave O’ahu county

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