Guam Premier Outlets Security Guard Fights Off Machete Attack With Steel Chair

Written by Phillip Leon Guerrero, Pacific News Center – Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific

Tuesday, 14 October 2008 05:58

Guam – A security guard in the Guam Premier Outlets used a steel chair to subdue a man chasing him throughout GPO’s food court after hours. Guam Police Department spokesperson Officer Allan Guzman says G4S Security, which services the outlet, removed the man from the building when he refused to leave after he was informed it was closing.

He came back armed with a machete just as the guard was locking the food court doors. The suspect then chased the him around the court. The security officer was able to throw the metal chair at the man, and hold him until other security personnel and Police arrived.

The suspect received minor injuries. He was treated by GFD Medics at the scene. 21-year old F.H. Sbbas of Tamuning was arrested for aggravated assault and public drunkenness. He was booked and confined.

Wow. I love it when real life and fiction collide. The chapter I’m struggling with, or gave up on, includes a knife fight outside the mall. I think I’m going to give the guy a bigger knife now. “Machete” sounds so much more menacing. Hmm. I think my struggle with this chapter might be over. Maybe all I needed was a bigger weapon and a little inspiration in the form of this real life incident.

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