“Dear agent, you haven’t crushed my hope yet…”

I just asked the agent who requested a partial in December for an update. It’s been three months, so I know I am not rushing anything and it’s a legit request, but why do I feel like I just slammed a door shut with my big toe still across the threshold?

It’s difficult to remain optimistic when faced with the very real possibility that by the time I check my e-mail again there might be a very nice “No, Thank You” letter in my inbox.

It is, of course, way better to receive a definitive “No, Thank You” than to wait. Yes, sure, waiting keeps hope alive, but the energy used to fuel that hope is energy I don’t have to pour into my current writing project.

It’s just as possible that my partial got lost among all the other partials, that my e-mail will spark a quick search and a hasty read, immediately followed by a “Yes, Send More” e-mail in my inbox.

But, dang, my toe hurts ….

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