Family, then and now …

And what does your ancestral home look like? No, I didn’t jet to Germany over the weekend; my brother and family visited the “Schloss” last week. — at Schloss Münchweiler. If you’re curious, here is an excellent link and more about the Roechling Family. Yes, I’m related to these folks, on my mother’s side: http://www.voelklinger-huette.org/en/fascination-world-cultural-heritage/the-roechlings-a-family-of-entrepreneurs/


  I was thinking about grief this week and about how I am handling it. I was just letting my thoughts wander and then it occurred to me I should call my Dad to see if he had any insight. We had never really talked about him losing his parents. It was a great plan …

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This morning I received the call no child ever wants to receive, especially not those of us who live a world apart from our parents, siblings, and family. My Dad suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. As I type this I cry because I cannot be there to take my Mom into my arms and comfort …

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Thank you

My next book will include the following dedication:    “Thank you, McDonald’s Corporation, for providing me, simultaneously, with an office (albeit a really noisy one) and a safe, fully enclosed playground for the kid (with food options and bathrooms!).”