Hummingbirds outside my office window.

I love when they look in, obviously curious about what’s happening behind the glass. The female even perched on the arm of the feeder holder and rested for a second.


Ivy wasn’t feeling good at all this morning. So much so, I made a pharmacy run. Then in the afternoon, she announced she was ready for the pool now. I was humoring her (since we needed to get out of the house anyway and her brother was willing to join us — teenager that he is) and wasn’t very hopeful that she’d pass the swim test in order to use the slide, but that girl has grit when she wants to. Of course, she passed.



Today’s positivity included giving blood for routine labs, which means a) I’m alive and b) I get to see my blood – it’s that lovely deep red color of a good wine. The sight of my blood always fascinates me.

The long, long early afternoon nap. And just now as I am about to turn the lights off and sleep in my new King-sized bed: the cricket singing outside my bedroom window. I quite enjoy falling asleep to the very loud sounds of nature to all sides. .


Woke up to a quiet house and had my first cup of coffee without anyone talking to me. Ah, small pleasures. Also, I had the computer all to myself and got some work done on the website and author bios. And I joined the RWA online chapter.

The rest of the day will likely be devoted to chores (spraying for fleas, doing laundry, and washing the animals, sigh) and reading. I still owe two book reviews/judgements for the Rainbow awards. I would also like to add a nice post or two to my long-dead blog.