July (writing) goals

I only have about five weeks of summer vacation left before my day job starts up again.

I would like to finish/polish the short story I am working on. I need another 2000 words to make it to my 10k word goal for this one. Doable. Then I’d like to submit to my publisher.

I would like to get some serious edits done on my coauthored novel. I’d say the rough draft is finished, but it might need an additional scene or two for clarification. This is the main work I want to get done.

I would also like to get started on my official book 2, which is the sequel to The Protector. Ideas are still percolating, though, so I think I’m not ready to write yet. I’m putting this one on the Fall back burner for now.

On the “secretarial” side, I need to overhaul my website and check out foreign language rights in my contract. I’d like to send The Protector off to a German publisher. I can’t remember what my contract says. 

On the personal side, I still haven’t been to the pool or the lake and I have a paintball coupon about to expire. And I would like to lose five pounds before the day job starts up again.



Today’s positivity included giving blood for routine labs, which means a) I’m alive and b) I get to see my blood – it’s that lovely deep red color of a good wine. The sight of my blood always fascinates me.

The long, long early afternoon nap. And just now as I am about to turn the lights off and sleep in my new King-sized bed: the cricket singing outside my bedroom window. I quite enjoy falling asleep to the very loud sounds of nature to all sides. .


Woke up to a quiet house and had my first cup of coffee without anyone talking to me. Ah, small pleasures. Also, I had the computer all to myself and got some work done on the website and author bios. And I joined the RWA online chapter.

The rest of the day will likely be devoted to chores (spraying for fleas, doing laundry, and washing the animals, sigh) and reading. I still owe two book reviews/judgements for the Rainbow awards. I would also like to add a nice post or two to my long-dead blog.