Cover Reveal

THE PROTECTOR has a brand-new cover. I loved the cover that graced the first edition, but now it is time to reveal the gorgeous new cover created by Jared Rackler.

But first, the blurb:

Soren Buchanan feels trapped by his controlling father James, a businessman who’s clever at masking illegal financial dealings on the tropical island of Guam. When James finally asks too much of him, Soren flees to the FBI for help.

Until Soren’s information pans out, the Bureau can’t protect him—so the task falls to Mason Ward, security specialist and former US Army Ranger.

Protecting Soren should be easy enough, but Soren is young, seductive, and not entirely forthcoming about the trouble following him. Mason must fight his growing attraction to the young man as well as thugs sent to bring Soren Buchanan home … dead or alive.

Now, without further ado:

I love what Jared did with the information I gave him. I’d asked for a tropical feel since Guam is a unique and exotic location. And I asked for red hair. If there was to be a cover model, I didn’t want him to be so “in your face,” and he really, really needed to have red hair.  

Jared managed to imbue the cover with a tropical, Pacific Islander vibe, a hint of mystery and a lot of red. The model is handsome and fit and if you look way closely, there’s a hint of stubble on his chin. I think. Maybe not.

I’m not sure if Jared saw my old cover, but I love that the lettering for THE PROTECTOR is yellow. It feels like a nod to its first edition cover, which was very yellow.

I have a feeling by now you guys love my new cover as much as I do and are desperate to know when you can get your e-copy of THE PROTECTOR’s second edition.

 THE PROTECTOR E-BOOK on sale July 28, 2017

  • MLR Press

  • available also at your standard e-book retailers, but links aren’t hot yet


The Sea Sprite

I’ve been posting beach pics in preparation for THE PROTECTOR’s rerelease with MLR Press  on 07.28. But today, behold: The Sea Sprite (a Kadey-Krogen 58).

A lot of action and pivotal scenes take place in that galley and salon.


Hummingbirds outside my office window.

I love when they look in, obviously curious about what’s happening behind the glass. The female even perched on the arm of the feeder holder and rested for a second.


Ivy wasn’t feeling good at all this morning. So much so, I made a pharmacy run. Then in the afternoon, she announced she was ready for the pool now. I was humoring her (since we needed to get out of the house anyway and her brother was willing to join us — teenager that he is) and wasn’t very hopeful that she’d pass the swim test in order to use the slide, but that girl has grit when she wants to. Of course, she passed.


When authors read …

Disliked a novel I had to judge. Very meh. Not bad, but not good either. My issues were all craft related: the whole story is told in conversational First Person, too many POVs and characters (I almost needed a spreadsheet to keep up), story beats were underdeveloped and came way too late, which had everything lagging, etc

So I went to see what others had to say and everyone else loved it. Raving 5-star reviews for the series.

This is what happens when authors read. The inner editor is always critiquing.