…and even when your hope is gone, move along, move along…*

I fixed the problem with the guestbook on my website. Thanks to tech support and their easy to follow instruction. I really like my website. I wish I had THE PROTECTOR sold already, so I could do more advertising for it, but … just got a rejection from Insomniac Press today.

I think I have reached the end of my query journey.

I have not heard anything from the vast majority of agents I queried in January and mid-March. I understand the no-reply routine, but it SUCKS. I have not heard yet from Cleis Press, but since their line-up is lesbian-oriented, I’m not holding out much hope. Why did I query them? Well, they didn’t say not to query with gay material, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I sent out one last query today. It went to Seventh Window Publications, publisher of THE PRICE OF TEMPTATION, which isn’t just a sweet gay Regency romance I enjoyed tremendously, but a 2005 Lambda Award finalist.

According to their website, Seventh Window is looking for romantic and sexy novels with compelling characters and plot. I am within their desired word count (60-80K), but I hope suspense isn’t turning them off. I’ve got the romance and sex, I’ve just got flying bullets and people out to do bad things, too.

There won’t be much of a paycheck.

My money goal was always to receive enough to pay off my school loan, but I think that’s not happening. Well, not in one swoop as I’d hoped.

On the bright side, since I am submitting to Seventh Window without the aid of an agent, I won’t have to share my advance with anyone other than my creditors.

IF Seventh Window is interested in Mason and Soren and their adventures…

K. Back to work. Current chapter 8 word count: 1432.

*song by THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS: “Move Along”

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