An unexpected complication

So I’m merrily working on the dialogue in chapter five, which is a conversation between Soren and his boss at Tradewinds – when I realize that Soren might be in need of a license to tend bar/serve alcohol. Oops.

Is this a big deal? Yes. No. If he doesn’t need a license, all is well. If he does need a license, then the question becomes how complicated the process is on Guam. Is this a matter of filling out paperwork and paying for a permit? Or is some sort of professional training/course work required before applying for the license?

I had Soren working at Tradewinds in the last chapter of THE PROTECTOR, six weeks after the major events. Clearly, I need to see if that’s feasible.

I contacted the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association. Hopefully, they’ll be nice enough to answer my questions regarding the bartending (liquor) license circumstances on Guam.

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