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I read Miss Snark’s agent blog [“in which Miss Snark vents her wrath on the hapless world of writers and crushes them to sand beneath her T.Rexual heels of stiletto snark”] for the pure entertainment of it and to glean a few insider tips. Her latest entry dealt with the question of commenting on agent blogs.

I like agent blogs. They are a great opportunity to gauge personalities and to get a feel for the person you might like to work with for years to come. And then, of course, there are the tips and helpful hints.

I recently re-discovered the blog of the agent who requested a partial from me. It was in its beginning stages when I first queried her. Of course, now, after I queried, she talks about query pet peeves and the like. I was mortified. At least, I didn’t do anything she dislikes, but I sure left out stuff she is keen on reading. Sigh. If she hadn’t already requested the partial, I would have buried my head in the sand, to never query near her zip code again.

I do, however, take the opportunity to comment on her blog. And I use my real name. If a polite comment turns her off, if something I say or ask makes her round file my partial in disgust, then, honestly, I don’t think we would have had a good working relationship.

And in the spirit of complete and utter honesty: yes, I hope she recognizes my name and remembers that there is a partial of mine in her reading stack. (What are the chances of two hundred other authors having a complicated name like mine and writing homoerotic fiction?)


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