I’m starting 2012 with a few changes. First of all, and this is the most important change for sure, I’m writing again. My creative drought is over! And I’m not just talking about putting words on paper, no, I’m back all the way: I scribble in my little notebook when I’m stopped at a red light, because I heard a snippet of conversation that needs to be remembered; I’m in the shower far longer than necessary (sorry, honey) plotting various character moves; I prowl the house in search of left-over Halloween candy in my kids’ rooms and wonder what my protagonists bad habits are; I research colorblindness by messing with the controls on my computer screen (too afraid to mess with the TV; what if it gets stuck that way?) . I’m generally busy thinking writing-related thoughts – some of which even make it down on paper.

Secondly, I’m letting my Sisters in Crime membership lapse. I think the local chapter died a quiet death. I’m not even sure. There wasn’t an e-mail. The website hasn’t been updated. I’m sad. I was a founding member of this chapter and I met some great people that way. We had awesome guest speakers, too. Neil Plakcy was scheduled to visit early on, but he had to cancel his Hawaii trip. Luckily, I found my fan courage and e-mailed him.

I will join the local chapter of Romance Writers of America instead. I’ve always heard good things about the local chapter and their guest speakers and workshops. I still think of myself more of a (bad) mystery/thriller/suspense writer, but that’s just denial: I’m romantic suspense all the way. There, I said it.

I’m looking forward to meeting other writers in a social setting. Being cooped up in the house with a toddler gets kinda lonely.

Thirdly … I’m leaving that one open for later. I’ll try to keep doing what I did in late 20111: drink less soda, exercise more (I do enjoy riding the bike to school in the mornings), watch less TV, get back into a solid writing routine and finally, finally finish that second book. If I’m not getting it done in 2012, I’m skipping book 2 and moving on the book 3 (I was going to threaten a different course of action, but it seemed a bit harsh and really, I’m going to finish).

Also, I just signed up for the Urban Dare. I thought it’d be great to do with the husband. I even talked him into it. But our wonderful babysitter is still visiting family and friends on the mainland and there’s no one to watch Ivy. So I asked my friend Rafi instead. I’m totally intimidated by her athletic ability, but I’m sure we’ll have fun.

I’ll find something the hubby and I can do. What about skydiving? …

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