2010, let the excitement begin

It’s only January 2, 2010, but the new year isn’t treating me all that well yet. Damn nausea. Ugh. Still, there are quite a few things I’m excited about: I’m turning 40 in March and there will be a party/get-together. With friends. And alcohol (Hello Julie, Katie, Stacy, Sonya, and Barbara) and food.

I’m absolutely looking forward to reading the finished STALKER, because I know it will surprise me (so far it’s been a pain to work on, so it owes me; nope, I don’t know yet how it ends). The best possible scenario has me reading the finished product on the plane to Germany, so that would be in June.

There are other authors I’m looking forward to reading in 2010. My friend Laurie is working on an absolutely awesome werewolf script (can’t wait to read that). Jennifer Rardin, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance and Suzanne Collins are on my pre-ordered list. I’m hoping there will be a new JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood book, too.

I’m excited about going to the movies, too. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Prince of Persia (though, I hate the “romantic subplot” already). Iron Man 2. Harry Potter. Twilight. The Last Airbender. Oceans. Robin Hood (I don’t particularly like Russell Crowe, but I do love Robin Hood and Crowe does well in these kind of rough and dirty roles). Edge of Darkness. A-Team (Bradley Cooper anyone?)

My big excitement in the middle of the year will undoubtedly be the visit to Germany. I haven’t been to see my (non-traveling) relatives in five years. Also, I can’t wait to eat all the good food. Greek food. Italian food. My grandmother’s potato salad and fishsticks. Yum. I’m gaining ten pounds just thinking about all the culinary goodness.

But really, in all honestly, what I’m most excited about is for 2010 to be over. The end of 2010 means that my beloved will return from Iraq soon. It also means we’re six months closer to leaving Kansas. (Now don’t get me wrong, Kansas isn’t bad, but it’s not great either; I just want to leave).

Yep, 2010 will be an exciting year.

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